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About Pokadigit


Company Overview

Our team are passionate about cryptocurrencies, we have approximately 3 years of experience in either mining or investing in Crypto.
Our cryptocurrency and blockchain team is supported by IT, Engineering and Software Developers with decades of experience, along with a team of analysts with years of experience in the financial markets and trading traditional stocks and commodities.

Crypto Trading

Advisory and technology services to foster cryptocurrency trade.

Crypto Mining

Connect to more than 10 cloud mining companies worldwide.

Smart Contract

Digitally facilitate, verify and enforce performance of the ecosystem.

Executive On-boarding

Designed to empower you to create and manage your own global digital assets.

What we have to Offer

Cryptocurrency - Our Service

We are well aware that Crypto is a relatively new initiative, the landscape is constantly changing and there is always something to learn, we are committed to helping our clients whether they are private investors, businesses or entrepreneurs who are looking for assistance in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrency Consulting
General cryptocurrency advice, reviews and due diligence on tokens, blockchain projects and ICO’s, general investment advice and trading strategy. Security and putting processes in place to backup your crypto.
Cryptocurrency Mining
Setup and advice on Cryptocurrency mining rigs. Mining does not just include Bitcoin, there are numerous other options to mine, including other tokens, rigs that provide processing power and storage.
Proof of Stake
Staking Wallets
Just like mining, storing your cryptocurrency in a wallet that is connected to the blockchain can generate you more crypto of that same token. If you own POS coins and aren’t staking you are missing out on ROI.
Do you need any Cryptocurrency Help?
For anything cryptocurrency, you can contact us by using our contact form or sending us a message.
About Masternodes
Masternodes are a great way to generate cryptocurrency, similar to mining just without the expensive hardware. Setting up and running a Masternode is not straight forward, we can help.
100% efficient bots
Trading Bots
If you are a seasoned trader and want to automate a trading strategy, or if you have purchased a bot and just need someone to set it up for you, we have experience setting bots up on both Microsoft and Linux servers.
Have a concept or Idea?
Blockchain Project?
New token or blockchain project? We can offer some assistance doing due diligence with developers and engineers to implement the project, we can help make your dreams reality.

More about PokaDIGIT

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits

Our goal is to bring more than 200 million new retail investors to crypto by eliminating all fiat obstacles on the way to crypto.

Blockchain Education

With backgrounds in the corporate space, the Crypto Consultant team specializes in delivering invaluable educational services to your business or organization.

Startup Advise
Business Development
From implementing business processes to effective and efficient business models we assist clients to plug the leaks and stop the inefficiencies.
Digital Services
A new Crypto Idea?
Our team will guide you through the process of launching your own centralized or decentralized exchange, while educating you on various regulation and compliance procedures.


What we can offer

Whether you are looking at setting up your own token, blockchain project, or looking for assistance in getting a better return on your existing coins, either through staking wallets or masternodes, or even automated trading using bots, we can help.


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